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Choosing Your Wedding First Dance Song

One of the key moments on your wedding day is the first dance, it’s a traditional part of the day. So it’s important to choose something that suits your personality as well as something you can dance to together. We’ve got some top tips on choosing your wedding first dance song.

Wedding First Dance Song

Why First Dances Are Important

A first dance sets the tone for the evening reception and is often a chance to come together as a couple. Guests often watch and it can be an emotionally charged time for everyone involved.
It signals the start of the relaxed evening and moving away from the structured part of the day. It helps connect everyone together and lets them get involved.
A tea length wedding dress to dance in by cutting edge brides
Our real bride Maddy chose Nellie by LouLou which is a stunning Polka Dot Vintage 1950s Inspired Tea Length Short Wedding Dress. It has a stunning v back and is finished with a satin bow.
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A first dance is an introduction to the couple to the wider audience. It is a symbol of unity and love and traditionally the whole wedding party gets involved. It brings the two families together to create harmony among them all.
Traditionally guests of honour at balls would have dances centered around them and this is a variation on that theme. It’s showcasing the married couple together one last time in a romantic union.

Your style

There are lots of romantic songs to choose from which can be more poignant if its a favourite of yours. If dancing makes you feel self conscious you can choose something slow and moving. Then after the first verse you can encourage your bridesmaids and ushers to grab a partner and join you.
For those who want to make it a key point to the day a choreographed routine is a great option. Finding a upbeat song can be a fun and creative way to entertain your guests.
We’ve written before on things to consider when planning your first dance and how to ace it.
So whatever style of dance or song you choose, it’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed. So make sure you choose something that suits you both and allows you to have fun.
Remember you don’t even need to have a wedding first dance song if you don’t want. It’s your wedding day and should be exactly how you want it to be.

Choosing the Right Song

If you love romantic ballads then you can incorporate this into your first dance. There are lots of wedding first dance song lists available. So you could spend some time listening to them to find one that resonates with you both.
A special song to you both is often a great starting point. It could evoke memories of when your first met or a holiday you loved together.  This can create an extra layer of intimacy and help you feel more relaxed on the day.
Fun songs that will set the tone and get the crowd moving are always good. Something upbeat will get the party started and be memorable to you and your guests.

Vintage Style Wedding Dress

The best thing about wearing a vintage style wedding dress is that it’s so versatile. Whatever song you choose to dance to, a tea length wedding dress is easy to move in. Our brides often choose a short wedding gown for the amazing spin you get from the full 1950s style skirt.
FLOSSIE, tea length vintage is a great dress for wedding first dance song moments inspired lace and tulle dress trimmed with a satin bow belt

Flossie by Lou lou is a tea length vintage inspired lace and tulle dress trimmed with a satin bow belt. The full skirt has lots of volume and is great to dance in.

Cutting Edge Brides

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