First Wedding Dance

How to Ace Your First Wedding Dance

The First Wedding Dance

One thing all our brides say about short wedding dresses is that they are comfortable and versatile. This makes them the perfect vintage style dresses to dance in on your wedding day. A 1950s style wedding dress is ideal for a good spin. It’s the best for showing off your gorgeous shoes and your fancy footwork on the dance floor.

First Wedding Dance at Cutting Edge Brides

One of the key elements of a wedding day for new brides and grooms is the first wedding dance. It can be a daunting part of the day for couples and we hope these tips help.

Wedding Style – Meet the Choreographer

We have asked the lovely Alison Brewerton from The Love of Dance for her top tips to the perfect first wedding dance. Alison’s career has seen her perform and choreograph for singers, in music videos, in cabarets and for promotional events. So she can help you get the best out of your first wedding dance wearing a short wedding dress.

The Song

Without dance lessons or prior preparation, the gentle sway from side to side might just do. For something a little more memorable however, to give yourselves a bit of a confidence boost on the day, a little choreography or dance lessons in a style that suits your song could be for you.

If you don’t have a song, we can advise here too. There are many websites giving First Dance Song inspiration – just have a google search and see what comes up.

Style and Music in Harmony

A consultation will demonstrate and allow you to try a few dance styles to suss out what you feel comfortable with. Your teacher may suggest you have a little mash-up of dance styles to create a really impressive routine.  Your teacher will also get to know you and help to create the bespoke routine unique to your personalities, abilities and initial visions.


It’s a big word I know, but don’t let that put you off. As you will be dancing in front of your adoring public (friends and family!) throughout your first dance, for around two minutes of your lives, you will effectively be ‘performing’. Start working on your first dance in advance, if you want to start to hardwire the posture, steps and confidence into your muscle and cognitive memory.


The first dance should be about having fun and relaxing. We do recommend aiming for permanence. Whilst first dances don’t need to be physically demanding, our bodies need time to absorb movement information into the muscle memory. So practice and by the time you reach your first dance moment, your steps will feel more natural. Get in the habit of holding yourself tall and your guests will be so blown away by the confidence you omit.

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Next Steps…

If you’d like to see which short wedding dress will give you the perfect spin please get in touch. If you’d like to follow Alison then follow her The Love of Dance Facebook Page.

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