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Short or Long Bridesmaid Dresses for a Tea Length Wedding Dress

Short or Long Bridesmaid Dresses for a Tea Length Wedding Dress?

So you’ve chosen your short tea length wedding dress and the excitement is growing. Turning your attention to bridesmaids and what they wear might send you into a flap. Some brides are adamant and know what length or style bridesmaid dresses to go for with their short wedding dress. Other’s include their bridesmaids in the decision making and come up with some ideas.

If you are unsure whether to put your bridesmaids in long or short dresses to go with your vintage style wedding dress, we have some ideas. Over the months we have featured some real brides on our blog and they all have different colours or themes and length of dresses. So you are sure to get some inspiration for your own wedding day if you read on.

What length bridesmaid dresses go with short wedding dresses?

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Our Real Bride Emma

Emma choose a deep blue for her bridesmaids and they all looked stunning in their short bridesmaids dresses. Each bridesmaid wore different shoes to show off their unique style on the day.

Our Real Bride Tracey

Tracey chose a rich green lace detailed dress for her bridesmaid to compliment her tea length wedding dress.

Remember that you can also match colour rather than style, if you have a bow or sash then bridemaids can wear that colour. Or their dresses can compliment the flowers you have chosen or the theme for the day.

Real Bride Becky wearing Cutting Edge Brides Wedding Dress EvaOur Real Bride Becky

Becky matched the colour of her bridesmaids dresses with their umbrella’s and then matched her umbrella to their pashmina’s which created a wonderful cohesive look.

If you are still confused then ask your bridesmaids to help choose. Find out what would they like to wear or how can you incorporate their ideas in your planning. You may find putting each bridesmaid in a different length dress works best for you all.

Short Wedding Dress Elizabeth

You can also have a totally vintage style wedding and keep your bridesmaids dresses vintage style with gorgeous coloured petticoats. These stunning dresses compliment the grooms men’s shoes for a fun and vibrant wedding party.

A longer length will compliment your dress and a shorter length will highlight your theme. There are set rules for what length bridesmaid dresses go with short wedding dresses.

We can chat more when you come for your one to one wedding dress fitting and suggest ideas on what length bridesmaid dresses go with short wedding dresses.

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