Emma & Sam's wedding by the Thames

Real Wedding – A Wedding by the Thames

A Wedding by the Thames

We love our brides sending photographs on their wedding day looking radiant in a short wedding dress. So when we received some gorgeous images from Emma, we knew we had to share them on the blog. Read on to see how the bride and groom incorporated an unusual trip for this wedding by the Thames.

Emma and Sam married this year on a sunny April day at The Barn Church, Kew. They held their reception by the Thames at Putney Town Rowing Club.

Emma Wedding dress - Timeless Chic

Emma wore Ivy Lace by Timeless Chic which is a calf length vintage style wedding dress. Timeless Chic are our own exquisite in house collection of vintage inspired short & tea length bridal gowns. The perfect wedding gown for a wedding by the Thames.

Timeless Chic dress available at Cutting Edge Brides

“I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted before I started”

More Than One Pair of Shoes

As every bride knows, finding the perfect pair of shoes to go with a short wedding dress is an important detail. Emma had to choose not one but three pairs of shoes for her day.

Emma and Sam Wedding - Dress Cutting Edge Brides

“Sam & I knew we would have our reception at Putney Town Rowing Club as it is where we met & where our relationship grew”

The Bride knew her dress had to be practical because the couple had strong ties to the rowing club and so would be taking a trip down the Thames on their wedding day. So a quick change into a pair of wellies and her next look was complete.

Emma & Sam Wedding cutting edge Brides

“As rowing fanatics, we also knew that we would be getting in a boat & rowing down the Thames”

Wedding on the Thames - Cutting Edge Brides

“I knew a big dress or one with a long train wouldn’t work & liked the idea of a less traditional tea dress”

Having a short wedding dress that she could wear without worrying when down by the waters edge (and climbing into a boat) was important to Emma. She needed to find a traditional feel but with a more modern twist. Ivy Lace is a dress that fits this brief, the lace and full tea length skirt are complimented by the large bow that drapes down the front of the dress. With her groom Sam wearing a blue, Putney Town rowing team, blazer and bridesmaids in blue too, the wedding has a definite regatta feel.

Emma and Sam Wedding Cutting Edge Brides

“As soon as we stepped through the door I knew I’d find my dress”

With the evening reception came the change into Emma’s third pair of shoes, a pair of sparkly trainers. Vintage style wedding dresses are ideal for dancing in and who can resist spinning when you have such a full lace skirt.

Emma & Sam's Wedding by the Thames

“Cutting Edge made it easy from beginning to end. The welcome was warm, the choosing phase was made fun and I never felt rushed”

Emma & Sam Wedding Cutting Edge Brides dress

“Cutting Edge was one of the few shops I went to where I was actually listened to, rather than being told what would suit me”

We wish the couple every happiness in their married lives and are so pleased they chose to share these amazing images with us. If you would like to come and try on one of our stunning short wedding dresses, please contact us. Or if you would like us to feature your Cutting Edge Brides short wedding dress please let us know.


Photographer – Lifeline Photography 

Hair & Makeup – Annie Botta

Flowers – Chris Carr (Sam’s aunt)

Ceremony – The Barn Church, Kew

Reception – Putney Town Rowing Club

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