Five things to plan for a destination wedding

We had a series on all things destination weddings recently from what to pack to our real bride Lisa. When planning a destination wedding you may want to thing about things that need sorting out. Here are five things to plan for a destination wedding.

Plan for a Destination Wedding

Hot or Cold – Now or Later?

You may already know that you want a beach wedding somewhere hot. Or you may have a special place that is close to your heart. Whichever way it’s great think about when you want to get married and where. Another thing to think about is the season, could where you want to go have bad weather?

What Will You Wear

Well a vintage style wedding dress is very versatile, it’s a fantastic choice for a destination bride. So as part of your plan for a destination wedding, check out tea length wedding dresses. As well as being lightweight for travel they are great whatever type of ceremony you choose.

Timeless Chic wedding dress great to wear when plan for a destination wedding

Anara Meghan by Timeless Chic is a wonderful tea length wedding dress. It’s full 1950s style skirt and fitted bodice is great for a destination bride. The lace short sleeves and covered bodice give way to a wide sash and lace embellished tulle skirt. Lightweight and suitable for either a hot or cold location this short wedding dress has lots of wow factor.

Who Are You Taking?

Do you want a small intimate wedding with just close family and friends. Or a big party type atmosphere with lots of people. This may influence your choice of venue due to accessibility and budget.  If you are planning to make it into a holiday as well you need to consider if you are going to stay where you have the wedding or move on to another destination.

What Type of Wedding?

Leading on from the above consideration, who you are taking will influence where you go. Taking those not used to travel or wanting certain people involved could make the decision for you. So what type of wedding is up to you from a holiday, somewhere you’ve been before to an opulent destination.


Working out how much you want to spend on the actual wedding venue is necessary. So sit down and decide if you want to focus on the location or the details. Lots of overseas wedding venues can provide cakes and flowers and keep their venue neutral. Taking accessories or personal touches may require extra luggage costs, so bare this in mind.

Fifi by House of Mooshki is a pretty tea length wedding dress with spaghetti straps and lace edging on the bodice and skirt. There is a vintage style wedding dress to suit every budget and bride to be.

Cutting Edge Brides

If you are planning a destination wedding, we have lots of inspiration on our blog and Pinterest boards. Having an overseas wedding and yet to choose your wedding dress, give us a call. Here at Cutting edge Brides we have over 200 designer wedding dresses for you to choose from. Book your one to one appointment today and we’ll help you find your perfect short wedding dress.

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