Real Bride Steph wearing Demi by True Bride short wedding dress at Cutting Edge Brides

Night Before Your Wedding; Things to Remember

Night Before Your Wedding

Tomorrow is the big day and finally all your planning will come together. The night before your wedding there are some things to remember so that you get the best out of your wedding day. Staying calm and relaxed as much as possible is the aim of the night before your wedding. Read on for our top tips on things to do in the final hours before you get married.

Eat Well

This may sound boring and the last thing you want to do but eating a healthy and well balanced meal will set you up well. You may just want to slump with a greasy takeaway but it may unsettle your stomach or sit heavily tomorrow. Also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and leave your skin feeling and looking plump and dewy.

Get Ready

Pack up things you need to take with you on the day. Pack a bag of personal items and a bit of cash and either leave this with someone in your wedding party or have it delivered to your wedding suite for after the reception. Make sure you’ve got a list of suppliers ready to hand over to someone and check that all payments have been made that are due.

Your Short Wedding Dress

Make sure your dress is hung so that any last minute creases can drop out. It’s also a great way to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your wedding day (including all your accessories such as veil and jewellery). If you haven’t tried your complete outfit then now is a good time just to make sure you are completely happy. Get plasters for your shoes and a small survival kit of tissues and tablets to give to perhaps mother of the bride. Time is of the essence on your wedding day morning so the more organised you are beforehand the easier it will be on the day.

Real Bride Steph wearing Demi by True Bride short wedding dress at Cutting Edge Brides

Our real bride Steph wore Demi by Brighton Belle, True Bride. You can read more about her wedding over on the blog. By hanging it up and putting her shoes with it, she was ready and it also serves as a fabulous reminder of the day ahead.

Demi is a beautiful lace and tulle short wedding dress that features a gorgeous illusion neckline. It has lots of vintage style details such as a full fifties skirt and capped sleeves. This is a wonderful wedding gown that oozes retro wedding dress vibes. Brighton Belle by True Bride can be ordered in any size, length and some styles are available in range of beautiful colours.

having a retro weddingStay Calm

This probably sounds easier than it is as you’ll be getting excited and there may be lots of activity around you. But practice deep breathing and visualising how you want your day to go. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let others help you out as much as possible. Watch something fun or relax reading a book and catching up on your sleep. You want to feel at your absolute best tomorrow.

Spend Time with Family

It’s probably been a long planning process with lots of help from others. The night before your wedding is a great time to spend with family or loved ones. Thank them for all the help and it’s a great way to get everyone involved.

Cutting Edge Brides

We have a huge selection of tea length wedding dresses for you to try if you’ve yet to find your perfect dress. Why not book your one to one consultation today at our Bexley wedding boutique? If you need more inspiration we have lots of styling tips over on the blog and our Pinterest Boards.

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