A retro wedding vibe - Emma and Stuart

Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Top Tips

Choosing a wedding cake is one of the aspects a couple look forward to when planning a wedding. Putting together real wedding blogs, we’ve seen lots of amazing cakes that brides and grooms have shared with us. It’s a part of your wedding day that can be as elaborate as you like as a couple. We have some top tips for choosing a wedding cake to share with you.

Make it Personal

As soon as you’ve found your venue, start thinking about what you want for your day and your cake. Choosing a wedding cake that fits in with your venue and time of year is important, for instance, certain icing can’t stand the heat! Find a baker that you feel confident will bring your vision to life. Local recommendations or wedding Fayre’s are great for seeing the sort of cakes you may like and getting a feel for what the cake designer is like. If you are wearing a tea length wedding dress then you might have some vintage details in you wedding plans that work well with your cake design so think about these.

Laura and John Wedding day. A wedding dress of dreams for a new mum

Laura and John Wedding day. A wedding dress of dreams for a new mum


When you are happy that you’ve found the person to make your cake and they are free on your wedding day, the consultation process can begin. Take inspiration from your venue, think about where your cake will sit on the day. How much of a central role do you want it to take? Most couples have pictures by the cake, cutting the cake and in some instances, eating the cake so this might help your decision making process. Find images of cakes you like (and make sure your chosen designer can do it). Look on Pinterest or at other weddings for styles you do and don’t like.

A retro wedding vibe - Emma and Stuart

A retro wedding vibe – Emma and Stuart


The overall theme of your wedding day can play a big part in the design of your wedding cake too. The trends for 2019 are more metallic and lots of textures but don’t let this sway you if for instance you are having an English garden wedding etc. Think about how you want the cake to fit in with your theme. This could be tying together the colours or textures from your day or having something completely different.

Think about Cost

The overall cost of your cake depends on the number of guests at your wedding. The number of servings needed will be explained by your chosen cake designer and this can drastically alter the cost of your cake. The more complex the design becomes will affect the cost. There are lots of ways you can get around this and clever adaptations can be made so make sure you keep an open dialogue with your cake maker. Part of their job is to make sure that your cake stays within budget and delivers on the style you want.

Tracey and Leo’s Wedding


Be bold in your choice of flavours and think about a different one for each tier of your cake. Remember your cake needs to look good and taste good so don’t just pick flavours to stay safe, pick the ones that taste good to you. Your cake designer will be able to let you know what go well together when choosing a wedding cake. It’s your wedding and you’ve got to like the cake, your guests will love it if you do. Also make sure you eat the cake on the day, after all, it is your wedding day.

Tracey & Leo’s Wedding Cakes

More Ideas

We have some fantastic Pinterest boards full of wedding day inspiration from short wedding dresses to choosing wedding cake. So why not come and find us or see more real weddings featuring vintage style wedding dresses on our blog. If you are a Cutting Edge Brides customer and want your wedding featured then contact us on info@cuttingedgebrides.com

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