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7 Top Tricks to Keeping Cool on your Wedding Day

Keep Cool on your Wedding Day

As summer arrives we aren’t always entirely certain whether its going to be sunshine or rain on your wedding day. But what happens when you find your wedding day is exceptionally hot? We have 7 top tricks to keeping cool on your wedding day for every bridal party.

Top Tricks

Wear a Short Wedding Dress

Wearing a tea length wedding dress is the best way to stay cool if you are having a summer wedding. With a full skirt that has movement and often stunning back details, these are the best dresses to go for. There is such a large selection of fabulous short 1950s style wedding dresses to choose from that you’ll find the perfect one for a summer wedding. Our bride wore Emily by Rita Mae at her destination wedding in Cyprus.

Emily Rita Mae short wedding dressStay Hydrated

It may seem an obvious trick but it is so easy to get carried away with getting ready or quaffing champagne. So make sure you have a bottle of water during the getting ready stages (with a paper straw) so you can take sips when you need them. Also after your ceremony make sure you have water alongside your champagne to stay hydrated.

Outdoor wedding Top tricks to staying cool on your wedding daySun Protection

If you are having an outdoor wedding and especially if you are wearing a short wedding dress don’t forget this step. With a gorgeous vintage style short wedding dress you may have a stunning back detailed dress or have your legs on show. So it’s easy to forget when in the sunshine having photographs that you may get burnt.


Test out a deodorant before your wedding to make sure you have the best protection. It’s easy to get hot and sweaty with all the preparations even before you get into your dress. So make sure you feel fresh and comfortable all day long.

Spritz Spray

Ask someone close to you to carry a little spritz spray in their purse if you need a little pick me up during the day. A quick spritz and you’ll feel ready to carry on. This is also good for your groom and wedding party who also need to be keeping cool on your wedding day.

Smudge Proof Makeup

There are so many products on the market that will keep your make up in place so check with your makeup artist before the day. They will be able to advise what will work best for you on the day. Also wearing your hair up will help keep your neck and shoulders cool in the heat of the day.

Keep cool on your wedding day - Bride wearing Rita Mae dress

Bride wearing Molly Mae by True Bride

Stay Cool

Little things like staying in the shade in between photographs, using a bridal fan or umbrella on the day and sitting down every now and again. These will all make sure you are keeping cool on your wedding day.

Mature bride dresses

If you had a summer wedding wearing a short wedding dress from Cutting Edge Brides, we’d love to see the photographs and feature you on our blog. Just email with the details.

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