Take a Moment on Your Wedding Day

Getting married is a whirlwind of excitement and planning that culminates in one wonderful day. Sometimes it’s easy to get swept up and miss spending time together and so we show you how to take a moment on your wedding day. It may seem a busy day with lots of people wanting your attention but there are ways to carve out pockets of time.

Take a Moment on Your Wedding Day

Getting Ready

As a bride you are probably on a tight timings for getting yourself and your bridesmaids ready. It’s traditional not to see your partner before you are standing in front of them. But there are other ways to take a moment at this early stage.
A handwritten card that you can swap and open first thing is a lovely idea. Or buy a gift for each other to wear or use on the day to help you feel connected. Nerves can play a big part at this stage so something you can focus on from your partner creates calm.
Laurie by House of Mooshki is a stunning polka dot tea length wedding dress. It has lots of detail on the fitted bodice and a halter neck detail in polka dots which follow through the bodice.

Before you Walk Down the Aisle

At this stage there may have been a bit of a rush so take a moment to breathe. The groom can spend a few minutes with his best man to make sure they have everything. The bride can have a lovely moment with whomever is walking her down the aisle. Listen to the sounds around, the chatter of your loved ones and let the excitement build.
Olivia by Timeless Chic is part of our in-house high low collection that sweeps down at the back into a dropped hem. It acts as a wonderful train that will help you float down the aisle. The polka dots and lace embellishment add to the wonderful whimsical feel of this wedding gown.

With Your Partner

Once you are married you will walk back down the aisle first so take this opportunity. Have a few words, even something as simple as a hand squeeze can help you feel connected. The rest of the day is all about celebrating with your loved ones so you may not get a lot of time together alone.
don't forget the back detail on your dress, the wonderful Crissie by Loulou has an intricate lace detail
Crissie by Loulou Bridal is a stunning ballerina length wedding dress from the back as well as the front. Don’t forget that your guests will see the back of your dress at various times during the ceremony. So having lots of detail is a great way to show off your vintage style wedding dress to the maximum.

First Dance

Not every couple has a first dance but if you do, then concentrate on each other. Relax into the moment and dance like no one is watching. This moment is all about the two of you so if you are nervous, make eye contact, dance close and enjoy each other.
take a moment on your wedding day
Calista by Lois Wild is a wonderful calf length wedding dress. This is a gorgeous dress to spin around on the dance floor and have fun. The full 1950s style skirt is tulle so will move easily and is light enough that it won’t hold you back.

At Your Wedding Reception

Look around at all your guests having fun and enjoying the night, welcome new guests then slip off. Take a few minutes together to see how you are enjoying the day, what you’ve seen. It’s a great time connect and smile at what you’ve put together. Oh and try a bit of your wedding cake, so many couples don’t get a chance and we bet it was something you deliberated over so try it.
What Type of Tea Length Wedding Dress Are You - this is a gorgeous tea length wedding dress
Allegra by Louise Bentley has wonderful sheer sleeves with lace embellishment. Ideal if you are taking a moment outside together as it will keep any evening chill at bay, it also has a high neckline with lace detail. This style of dress allows you to have the coverage of a sleeve without it being imposing on the overall style of dress.

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