renew your wedding vows in a Louise Bentley wedding dress

Top Tips To Renew Wedding Vows

Getting married is a wonderful celebration of your love for each other. Involving family and friends makes it that bit more special too. Lots of couples opt to renew wedding vows these days in celebration of their original wedding date. We have some advice if you are looking to renew your wedding vows soon.

Why Renew Wedding Vows

Sometimes a wedding day can go by in a flash and seeing friends and family enjoying themselves is a special feeling. So some couples renew to bring everyone together again. It’s also something you can enjoy with new family such as your children who may not have been there the first time. It’s a lovely way of reaffirming your commitment to each other and those around you. It’s a fantastic excuse for a fabulous party too so don’t forget to wear a tea length wedding dress to spin the night away.

Where To Renew Wedding Vows

The good news is that you can renew your vows almost anywhere. It’s not a legal ceremony so you can really let your imagination go wild and have fun with it. Couples often use a celebrant to renew vows or a friend or family member can also oversee things. This gives it a lovely intimate feel that brings everyone that little bit closer on the day.

What to Wear

Some couples renew their vows because they want to add more to their day. Perhaps first time around they couldn’t afford what they wanted. So it’s wonderful to celebrate the way you always wanted to. A tea length wedding dress is a fantastically versatile wedding gown to wear. It can be something you would wear on other occasions afterwards.

renew your wedding vows in a Louise Bentley wedding dress

Claudia by Louise Bentley is a beautiful tea length vintage inspired wedding gown in brocade. It’s a classic 1950s style wedding dress that is very adaptable to whatever type of celebration you go for. There are lots of ways you can make the vintage style wedding dresses bespoke and our seamstress can give you ideas on how to accentuate features you have.

This Time Around

The lovely thing about renewing your vows is that you can invite whom you want. Having already got married, you’ll know what you would have done differently or what you’d like to do again. There is a lot less pressure on you as a couple so you can just have a great time with family and friends.

POLLY Calf Length Vintage Style Timeless Chic Wedding Dress With Sleeves

So you could spin the night away on the dance floor wearing Polly by Timeless Chic. This beautiful tea length wedding dress has a lace covered bodice and long sleeves. The full tulle skirt is covered in wonderful lace embellishments and moves easily.

Cutting Edge Brides

If you are going to renew wedding vows why not wear a short wedding dress. Make an appointment today and try on wonderful British designer short wedding dresses. Your one to one appointment is tailored to your needs and you can try as many dresses as you want. With over 200 vintage style wedding dresses available you are sure to find your perfect wedding dress.

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