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Have a Sustainable Wedding Day

A wedding day can become a lavish affair with many variables on how much is used on the day. So it’s important to do our bit for the environment and have a sustainable wedding day in whatever way we can. Even small changes will help so don’t panic thinking you need to do it all. We’ve put together some ideas on ways to make your wedding day more eco friendly.

Sustainable Wedding Day Ideas

Wedding Dress

Choose a short wedding dress that you can wear many times over helps. So choose a versatile vintage inspired wedding gown that allows you to do this. From a classic cut to something you can adapt for other special occasions. Also after your wedding make sure you store your dress as it may be something future generations of your family might want to wear. This is a great way to have the family connection and a vintage style wedding dress doesn’t go out of style. They have classic shapes and are lovingly made to give you the best experience of wearing one.
Clara by White Rose is a classic tea length wedding dress that can will last the test of time. With beautiful lace sleeves and bodice that flows into a wide satin belt and full structured skirt, this is a dress that is very versatile. All our designer wedding dresses can be adapted to your needs and are made to measure.
You can also let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses to ensure it’s something that they can wear again. All suits from the groomsmen are usually hired which helps with a sustainable wedding day.

Wedding Decor

Confetti is easy because you can buy biodegradable confetti pieces or petals and bubbles are an eco friendly alternative too. If you are inviting children along then bubbles are often a big hit with them and make for some fun photographs along the way.
For crockery there are options to hire for that real vintage feel or use mismatched so you can use it over and over. This is also the same for any wedding decor you are thinking of having, can you reuse after the wedding or gift to your guests so that everything has a home. Sometimes the more simple things have the most dramatic effect on your wedding day.

Food & Flowers

Ask your suppliers if they use food that is local sourced and try and ask if they have a minimal waste policy. Try and incorporate a seasonal menu into your day or things that are local produced.  Also you could make sure that people leave with food so that none of it is wasted. Try and user suppliers that are local to you and even have a venue that doesn’t require lots of travel to and from for you and your guests.
Florist will know what flowers are in season and try and incorporate them. Or have a bouquet that doesn’t involve fresh flowers, there are lots of great ones out there from buttons to material. This way you also get to keep them for longer as well.


Ask your guests to give to a charity of your choice or to plant a tree in your name. As for favours, you could give everyone a packet of seeds or a locally produced product. This helps add a lovely personal touch as well as supporting local independent businesses. Or make something from the heart such as homemade jam or biscuits which will leave a lasting impression.
simple short wedding dresses at cutting edge brides
Elisa by Loulou Bridal is a fantastically versatile short wedding dress that can be worn time and time again. Change the petticoats or shoes and you’ve got a stylish alternative dress for special occasions.

Cutting Edge Brides

We’d love to help you find your perfect tea length wedding dress that you can keep forever. Our consultants are experts in helping you find a style that suits you now and in the future. Or even how you can customise your wedding dress. Book your one to one appointment today, you’ll be the only bride present so we can concentrate on your needs.

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