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Getting Your Groom Ready For The Wedding

As a bride, there is lots of advice on what to do in the lead up to your wedding day. With numerous fittings and appointments it’s easy to get swept up in the arrangements. Your groom might not have as much to deal with or even know what to do and when. We’ve put together a few suggestions on getting your groom ready too..

Getting Your Groom Ready

Get Outfits Ready

With lots to think about it is a good idea to get the grooms men outfits sorted as soon as possible. Making sure everyone has the correct suit and accessories will help calm the nerves and make everything run more smoothly.
Plan haircuts and bonding time before the big day to let off some steam and get excited for the day. Sort out in advance what time the groom and his men are meeting and where so that everyone knows what they are doing.  Also Groomsmen gifts can be sourced early in case any engraving of items is being done. Also knowing where these are in advance of the wedding day so there is no last minute panics.

Don’t Look at The Dress

If you are collecting your dress and storing it at home, it’s best to let the dress breathe. Hand it away for other things and ideally in a gown bag (or sheet). So if it’s at home, remind your groom where it is and that he isn’t supposed to look at it!
Calista by Lois Wild is a stunning silk organza ballerina length wedding dress. With full sleeve, trimmed with embellished lace applique it really is a wedding gown with lots of wow. The great thing about our tea length wedding gowns is that they are easy to store and very lightweight. This makes it easier to store them out of sight.

Put a Ring on It

It’s the groom and best mans responsibility to make sure the rings make it to your wedding venue. So he needs to be clear on where they are being stored and to remember to take them with him. If you are having a special ring pillow or a way of carrying the rings, put this somewhere easy to spot and take. On the big day you’ll be far too busy to remember all the details. Getting your groom ready and organised will help calm your nerves on your wedding day.


On the wedding day it’s up to the groom and his men to allocate seating for people. The front rows are usually reserved for bridesmaids, so discuss this in advance or suggest he puts out little signs just in case.

A Gift of Love

It’s customary to get your partner a gift before the wedding, something simple like a heartfelt card or something he can use on the day. So some cufflinks or a scent he could wear on the day to make it memorable.

Cutting Edge Brides

Pheobe by Loulou Bridal is a gorgeous retro, 1950’s inspired tea length wedding gown with short sleeves in luxurious satin with full circle skirt. One of the many designer short wedding dresses available to try in our boutique.

If you are still at the early stages of planning your wedding and still deciding on your wedding dress we’d love to meet you. Your consultation will be one to one and no other brides present when you try our range of vintage style wedding dresses. For more inspiration and ideas for getting your groom ready for the big day, visit our blog or Pinterest Boards.
Book your wedding dress consultation today and we’ll help you find the perfect tea length wedding dress.

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