How to Avoid Bridesmaid Drama on Your Wedding Day

Weddings bring lots of different people together in one place for a certain amount of time. So it makes sense that there will be lots of different ideas on how things will go. Most brides to be have at least a couple of bridesmaids on their wedding day. So it’s a good idea to manage expectations and to avoid bridesmaid drama on your wedding day.

We’ve got some tips on how to do this…

Avoid Bridesmaid Drama on Your Wedding Day

Brief Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are an integral part of the getting ready process, they will often be ready before you to help you get ready. They are there for emotional support but also psychical help too, so let them know how they can help in advance. Wearing a tea length wedding dress may mean you have a button up back detail. Beforehand let them know how to do this or whilst you are at your wedding dress fitting, let them practice.

Wear a gorgeous vintage style wedding dress like Anara Meghan by Timeless Chic. This is a tulle and lace short wedding dress with pretty cap sleeve. The joy of wearing a vintage style wedding dress is that they are very versatile wedding gowns. Easy to put on and wear with minimal help a tea length wedding dress avoids any extra bridesmaid drama on your wedding day.

Relax Together

In the run up to your wedding day, it can get a little stressful with lots to do and not much time. Make sure you take time out from wedding planning to have fun with your bridesmaids. Do something unrelated to your wedding day and just have some fun. Reconnect and relax so that you can get back to your plans with a fresh outlook and also find out what’s happening in the life of your friends.

Be Realistic

Although bridesmaids are there to help, make sure you aren’t asking too much of them. Think of things that you can pass over to the groomsmen or other family members too. This way you won’t overload your bridesmaids and still have time to enjoy your wedding morning with them.

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