ANARA, Short Tea length Timeless Chic Wedding Dress

Tips to Stay on Track With Your Wedding Budget

Planning your wedding is an exciting time but realistically its one of the biggest events you’ve probably ever arranged. So it is easy to get carried away and to spend too much money and time thinking about it. Even if you have a budget set you may find that you overspend. So we’ve got some tips on how to make sure you stay on track with your wedding budget.

Stay on Track with Your Wedding Budget

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This is where your budget is really important and you should have some idea on how much to spend. Be realistic but also look within your budget first, tell the wedding consultant what your price range is.
At Cutting Edge Brides we have a wide range of British Designer Short Wedding Dresses to suit every budget. In your one to one consultation you will be able to try a large selection of dresses in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. You can also go away and have a think about the tea length wedding dress and we welcome you to come back for another appointment.
ANARA, Short Tea length Timeless Chic Wedding Dress
The beautiful Anara by Timeless Chic is a vintage style short wedding dress. The stunning lace covers the bodice and flows onto the full 1950s style tulle skirt. This is such a pretty short wedding gown and part of our in-house designer brand which is exclusive to Cutting Edge Brides.

Be Realistic

Working out what the cost of wedding supplies are is so important. Things like wedding cakes cost more than a normal cake and this also increases depending on how many guests you have etc. So always make sure you know the full price before you sign up for anything so you don’t get any surprises along the way.
You may want a wedding day filled with everything you see the celebrities have but it can be costly. So some of these touches may be more important to you and you can spend more on those.

What’s Important to you?

It’s a good idea at the start of your wedding journey to know what you really want. Then you can work out the things you can substitute or leave out completely. The things you think might be what you want aren’t necessarily important.
As long as you have all the people whom you love there then anything else is a bonus. Understanding what is important to you both makes it easier to stick to your budget. It will also lead to less conflict as the planning progresses further.

Be Flexible

Work some contingency into your budget will help you when there is something that you really want. Or for any last minute changes or additions that may arise as you go along. Sometimes a few amazing touches will make more impact that lots of unnoticed extras. So be flexible and understand things can change.

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Have you found your perfect short wedding dress yet? We’d love to help so why not book your one to one appointment today. As the only bride present we will be able to listen to your needs and find the perfect tea length wedding dress for you. We have wedding gowns in various price ranges so you can stay on track with your wedding budget.
There is lots of wedding inspiration on our blog and over on Pinterest boards for you to see.

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