Three Ways to Feel Confident on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting of your life. It usually involves lots of planning and preparation so you are bound to feel nervous. With so many people to keep happy and being the centre of attention can be overwhelming. There are lots of things you can do to feel confident on your wedding day. We have three top tips on ways to feel confident on your wedding day.

Three Ways to Feel Confident on Your Wedding Day

Know Your Stuff

This is all down to a little bit of planning and preparation to know everything is in order. Little things like making sure your shoes are worn in beforehand and getting all your accessories together.
Try your vintage style wedding dress before the big day to make sure it feels right. Having the whole outfit on together will put you at ease. So you will feel your best wearing your perfect short wedding dress. It will fit perfectly and make you feel amazing so that is one less thing to worry about. Walk around in your dress and shoes to make sure it all flows nicely and you can move well. By walking tall you will feel instantly more confident.

Sarah by House of Mooshki

cutting edge brides Ivory Vintage Style Wedding Dresses will help you feel confident on your wedding day
Wearing a dress like Sarah by House of Mooshki will give you the confidence to sashay down the aisle feeling the best. With its beautiful fitted bodice covered in intricate lace and a full 1950s style skirt you’ll feel amazing. Our designer short wedding dresses can be altered and customised to your specific requirements. Feeling like the best version of yourself will make you look and feel confident on your wedding day.

Just Breathe

Take things slow and don’t flap as this will help you to stay present. If you feel your confidence is dipping then take a moment to breathe and refocus. Some mindful deep breaths and visualising your best day will steady your confidence.
Visualising how you want the day to go and really feel the feelings and repeat this. Matched with your breathing it can instantly bring your confidence levels up and make you feel relaxed.

Support Network

Have your wedding party around to you support and help you. If you are feeling nervous then chat it through with your bridesmaids or partner. Sometimes just saying it out loud is enough to relieve the fears. This is a joyous occasion and everyone is there for you and wants you to be happy.
Making sure you don’t overdo it in the lead up to your wedding day and taking some time out will help too. A relaxed bride is a happy bride and this will be conveyed in the way you walk, talk and act.

Cutting Edge Brides

Do you want to find your perfect tea length wedding dress and feel the best on your wedding day. Then visit our bridal boutique for a consultation, book today. Your one to one appointment will focus solely on you and your needs for a vintage style wedding dress. We would love to meet you and find out about your wedding day.

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