Why Wedding Bouquets are Important

Almost every brides thoughts, when arranging their wedding, will turn to the flowers and their bouquet. If you are tying the knot soon, the chances are you’ve already booked your florist. But do you know why wedding bouquets are important when you get married? Or where the idea of carrying one came from? We’ve put together all you need to know on the subject below:


Traditionally a wedding bouquet way back in Ancient Greek times was made up of herbs and sprigs. These were meant to ward off bad spirits and also handily mask body odour. In some cultures bouquets represented fertility and happiness too. Brides would also wear flowers in their hair for this same purpose.

As times moved on the flowers also then went into the wedding bouquet that a bride held. In Victorian times different flowers would represent different meanings, it was for them a nice way of expressing love. We’ve written about what flowers mean and showcase some of our real brides with their flowers.

Wedding Bouquets

Brides now carry flowers because they are visually stimulating whilst adding some bright pops of colour. You may not realise it but wedding flowers add texture and smell to a day in a very subtle way. They can tie a theme together easily and draw the eye towards a brides short wedding skirt or nipped in waist.

Another tradition was to throw your bouquet to a single female attendee so that your good fortune was passed to them. They would as tradition states, be the next in line to get married. Now days so much thought and preparation goes into wedding bouquets that brides like to keep them. They can be preserved for longer and be kept as a special memory of a wonderful wedding day.

Why Wedding Bouquets are important

If you are planning on wearing a short wedding dress then we have lots of inspiration for you. All of our real brides featured on the blog have different styles for their day. We’ve also got lots of Inspiration over on our Cutting Edge Brides Pinterest Boards.

This gorgeous short wedding dress is Mae by Timeless Chic. This wonderful tea length lace vintage wedding dress is complimented by a simple bouquet. It draws your eye down to the full 1950s style lace skirt. It’s a great tea length wedding dress to add petticoats in similar colours to your wedding flowers to tie the theme all together.

MAE Tea Length Lace Vintage Wedding Dress With Sleeves by Timeless Chic

Cutting Edge Brides

If you are still thinking of trying a tea length wedding dress visit us. Book your one to one appointment today to try as many vintage style dresses as you like. We have over 150 styles to choose from and lots of advice on what sort of bouquet you could have with it.

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