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The Important Elements of Your Wedding Day

Four Elements of a Wedding Day
There are lots of things you need to get sorted for your wedding day. From the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses and everything in between. We’ve put together some of the things that make up important elements of your wedding day. These include your gorgeous vintage inspired wedding gown, why your venue is important and who to share your day with.

The Dress

As a bride to be this is going to be high on the list for you to get sorted out. Wearing the right wedding dress on the day is so important. Make sure you visit a boutique that can help you find what you are looking for.
We have over 150 dresses in our Bexley boutique and all our brides have a one to one appointment. Where they can find the perfect vintage inspired wedding gown in a calm and friendly environment.
The gorgeous Eva by True Bride, is part of the Brighton Belle collection. It’s a lovely vintage inspired wedding gown. It has a wonderful lace v neckline that is so flattering. The waist band is finished with a beautiful bow that gives way to a full tulle skirt.
vintage inspired wedding gown

The Venue

Whether it’s a country house or a registry office wedding, the venue is all important. This will shape the feel for the rest of your day.  There are so many different places to get married or even have an officiant overseeing the ceremony. It really depends on individuals styles and needs so the sky is the limit.
We have showcased some real brides on our blog, highlighting different places and countries if you need inspiration.

The People

Having your loved ones around you is the most important part for you as a couple. It’s lovely to spend a day celebrating your love with everyone there. So make sure you have included the closest family members and friends in your plans. Everything from asking them to be part of your day as part of the wedding party to getting them to start the party.

The Wedding Reception

This is a chance to spend time with your loved ones and relax. You’ve spent a long time planning your day which is over in a matter of hours. So you need to make sure you enjoy yourselves and dance the night away. Wearing a gorgeous vintage inspired wedding gown means you can spin and swirl on the dance floor.

Cutting Edge Brides

We can help you find your perfect vintage inspired wedding gown. Visit us for a one to one consultation where we will listen to your needs. So visit the website or give us a call.

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