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Wedding Day Survival – Cutting Edge Brides Tips

Wedding Day Survival Tips

Weddings are fun and busy and very important for all that attend. They are also sometimes quite stressful and lots of things are out of your control. So it’s a great idea to have some contingency built in to your day. Cutting Edge Brides have put together a quick check list of what you need to allow for and other items that can make your day run smoothly.


With all the people and planning, sometimes your timings can go a little astray so don’t panic. Allow a little extra time between timings, your venue are experts in advising so take their advice.
Speeches are often areas that either don’t run to plan or take up more time than you realise. So check in with the father of the bride and best man to see how long their speech is running at. Then you can plan accordingly.
Ask your photographer to factor in some alone time for you after some of the main photographs have been taken. It’s a time that you can have five minutes together to check in as for most of the day you’ll be surrounded by other people.

Mini Bridal Survival Kit

Put a small kit together of plasters, headache tablets, tissues and cotton and threads. Things break or rub or give you a headache so having these things on hand (or with a bridesmaid) will help ease your mind.
Your short wedding dress will be comfortable and lightweight so this won’t give you any issues. But your feet might be sore from all the spinning your are doing on the dance floor. So consider having another pair of shoes to wear if the going gets tough on the dance floor.
Rosie by True Bride at Cutting Edge Brides
This gorgeous tea length wedding dress is Rosie by True Bride and is a favourite with our brides. The beautiful lace detail flows down the bodice and sleeves onto the full 1950s style skirt. It is a stunning retro wedding dress and you can see it below on one of our real brides too.
We’ve had lots of brides who love showing off different shoes throughout their day. You can get lots of inspiration from our real brides blog posts. At Cutting Edge Brides we love to help brides find the best dress for them.
Real Brides blog - Louise wearing 'Rosie' wedding dress from Cutting Edge Brides

Suppliers Lists

Put a list together of your main suppliers and their contact details. Ask the best man to carry this list in case of any problems. You’ll be far too busy on the day so you need someone to take control of this for you.
Don’t let any minor mishaps upset you on the day and just enjoy yourself. Having done all the preparations (and contacting suppliers beforehand) you hopefully won’t hit any snags anyway.

Cutting Edge Brides Tips

We are confident that your short wedding dress will arrive to you in perfect condition. Everything else you can accommodate for along the way. If you are still yet to find your short wedding dress please do contact us. Come in for a one to one consultation where we will help find a style that suits you.
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