Where to buy a tea length wedding dress. this is Elizabeth Timeless Chic Vintage style wedding dress

Confetti Trends & Short Wedding Gowns

Short Wedding Gowns & Confetti

At most weddings it’s traditional to throw confetti over the married couple as they emerge from the ceremony. It’s something adopted from other countries where they would throw out sweets or treats at carnivals and the English adapted it for weddings.  In the past both small colourful disks of paper are thrown or before that it was rice. It’s meant to be enhance prosperity and fertility. As well as that it also makes for stunning photographs.

Short wedding gowns are so versatile that it’s easy to match your confetti to create some unique wedding shots. Below are some of the options when it comes to confetti for your wedding day.


If you have a wedding theme or certain colours that you are featuring in your wedding, then your confetti can reflect this. Think about having little boxes or cones of confetti available for your guests to take and throw over you after the ceremony. This way you can control the type and amount of confetti that is used.

Couples now gravitate towards brighter and bolder colours that show up well in those all important social media posts. Striking confetti in just two tones will really create a dramatic effect on your wedding day.

This is Sanne and Gjis-Jan on their wedding day, the bride wore Elizabeth by Timeless Chic. Their city wedding was featured on our blog ‘Short Wedding Dress for a City Bride’. They had large red and white confetti disks for this fantastic image on their wedding day.

Elizabeth Timeless Chic Vintage style wedding dress

This is one of the wonderful short wedding gowns that are perfect whatever type of day you are having. It’s a satin vintage inspired wedding gown with a ruched bodice and full circular skirt. This is a wonderful dress for showing off your petticoats and also matching your confetti to the colour scheme too.


Some venues do not allow confetti so do check with yours before the big day so you can advise guests. As an alternative to get a great photo you could invest in little pots of wedding bubbles that guests could blow over you. It’s also a great option for keeping any small children occupied as they often tire of the proceedings.

Real Flowers

There is a trend now for using real flowers as they are very environmentally friendly. Lots of companies allow you to choose different types of flowers to match your season. So you can create bespoke mixes of flowers for a really unique twist. This is a wonderful way to carry on a theme of say wild flowers as you can match the confetti to your bouquet or other flowers that are special to you. It’s also something that is becoming more popular this year as it’s completely biodegradable.

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