Gift Lists for Your Wedding

Wedding Gift Lists

Over the years wedding gift lists of couples has evolved from the days when they had to furnish their first home. With more and more couples co-habituating before marriage they find they have all they need when it comes to toasters and sets of towels.

You may have spent most of your time deciding on the venue, your guests and of course your beautiful wedding dress.
1950s tea length wedding dress  - wedding gift lists
This is Florrie by LouLou bridal – such a gorgeous vintage inspired tea length dress. It has a stunning button detail down the back and is trimmed with a bow belt.
So it may come as a surprise that you need to think about gift options from your guests. It’s customary for people to bring a gift or use a gift list and below are some of the options available.

Cash towards a Deposit

This can be an awkward one to ask for money and some people rather give a gift than money. There are lots of poems you can put in your invitations to let people know there isn’t formal wedding gift lists. We’ve got some on our Pinterest boards.

Sarah by Mooshki Bridal

Products & Services

If money is tight you may want to ask your guests to contribute to part of your wedding day. So grouping together to pay for the photographer or the wedding cake makes guests feel they are giving you a helpful and personal gift. It’s also something you can share with them afterwards.

Honeymoon Fund

If you are having a destination wedding this could be the choice for you. Asking your guest to contribute to your honeymoon might mean you keep the party going longer. It’s a great option for wedding gift lists as people can get involved and feel part of your continuing journey.
ANARA, Short Tea length Timeless Chic Wedding Dress
Anara by Timeless Chicstunning lace and tulle tea length vintage inspired wedding gown.
Another option is to ask for specific parts of the honeymoon, say if you want to swim with dolphins then asking for particular parts make it more personal to you and your guests.

Charity Donation

If as a couple you feel you really have all you need then a charity donation might be good. This way your guests can contribute to something that is close to your heart and helping others too. Lots of the bigger charities have options that they can suggest to you when putting together wedding gift lists.

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