Picking Wedding Ceremony Songs

Wedding Songs for your Big Day

Whilst looking for wedding dresses in the run up to your wedding you may be starting to think about how you want to look. Choosing a short wedding dress is a great way to having a show-stopping look on your wedding day. Its time to turn your attention to the ambience of your wedding day and the music for your ceremony. We have some top tips on choosing these to go with your theme or style of wedding.

Make It Personal

The songs or hymns you choose will set the mood on your wedding day. So it’s a good idea to start by thinking about what ones are significant to you. Did you have a song that is really personal to you both such as a song that was playing when you met? Remember this is personal to you both and it’s your wedding, try not to get swayed by others opinions on what you should or shouldn’t have.


Think about the theme or what emotions you are trying to convey. Could you tie all the music together so that it flows easily from one to another? Are you using soft lighting, what time of day are you marrying? All this has an impact on your ceremony songs. Also look at the lyrics of the songs you are choosing, do they fit with what you are trying to convey and are they appropriate.

Non-Traditional Music

You don’t have to choose hymns or songs that are traditional. Especially if you are wearing a short wedding dress as these aren’t classed as a traditional look. You could have a singer creating a rhythm for your ceremony or just have some background music to create a calm environment for you to walk down towards your partner. Equally if traditional hymns feel right for your wedding then don’t feel you can’t choose them as they aren’t trendy. It’s got to be what feels right to you both, it’s your day your way.

Working with Musicians

Choosing a pianist or another musician could work well if you want to create a mood. You don’t have to have words and this can change the whole ambience of the day depending on whom you choose.

Check With Your Venue

Not all venues will have the same guidelines so double check if there is something that is out of the ordinary before committing yourself to it. Find out how many songs they suggest is right, as they are the experts. When you need to supply the music by and in what format.

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