Beautiful Short Wedding Dress

There is one thing that we are experts in and that is 1950s vintage style short wedding dresses. As the UK’s leading tea length wedding dress boutique we are certain we will find the perfect short wedding dress for every bride to be. We’ve been featured in press and on TV in ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ several times. The designer tea length wedding dresses we stock are versatile and come in a range of colours and lengths. Most of the wedding gowns can be customised to each brides specific needs on her wedding day. You may be surprised though that the dress you came in searching for isn’t the one you leave with.

If you know…you know

Some brides arrive knowing what they want and it is a quick process to finding their perfect short wedding dress. They can still be surprised by the final style choices they make because it isn’t something they even considered beforehand.

“Before I found my dress at cutting edge brides, I knew I wanted a shorter dress because I am quite short…I ended up choosing a dress that I never thought I would go for”

Real Bride Jemma wearing Timeless Chic halter neck wedding dress

Jemma wearing Eliza by Timeless Chic

Other brides know they want a certain material or length but are open to our expert opinion, they don’t necessarily know what suits them. Until you try a variety of dresses then you can’t be completely sure of what feels right for you.

“I knew I wanted a lace dress but really wasn’t sure of the style…They really took the time to learn what style of dress suited my body type and made suggestions which were outside of my normal comfort zone.”

Kris&Carla short wedding dress at cutting edge brides

Carla wearing Rosie by True Bride

The Perfect Dress for You

The trick to finding the right short wedding dress for you is the way you feel when you try it on. If it’s a dress you walk away from but still dream about or wonder what shoes you’d wear and how to style your hair then it’s the one. When you wear the dress is must feel comfortable and give you confidence.

“To find something that made me feel special yet not too overdone, and confident was very important to me.”
Emma wearing Alana by Rita Mae

Emma and Ashleys Good Friday Wedding. Dress by Cutting Edge Brides

Emma wearing Alana by Rita Mae

Don’t take our word for it, some of our wonderful brides featured on our blog have explained the process they went through. We love featuring real brides so once you’ve got your dress we’d love you to let us know all about your wedding day so we can feature you too.

“I’ve always wanted a tea length dress so I don’t think anybody was surprised when I turned up in my gorgeous tea length on the day…I did try some longer dresses just to see, but none of them felt right.”

a rural wedding in a vintage style wedding dress

Amanda wearing Timeless Chic

Cutting Edge Brides

We also have lots of inspiration on our Instagram page and Pinterest boards are packed with everything you need. If you want to book your one to one appointment don’t hesitate. We’d love to meet you and help you feel extra special on your wedding day. Our sole focus in the boutique is on you and find the style that suits you.

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