Vintage style wedding dress in Mikado Satin

Make Your Wedding Vows Your Own

Traditional or Modern Marriage Vows

Marriage vows are the central part of your wedding day and are a public declaration of your love for your partner. Vows are a promise that you make to each other and every religion has their own version of these. In the UK It’s normal for the groom to say his vows first and then the bride but these can be said simultaneously or in reverse order. Vintage style wedding dresses fit with every style of wedding. If you are having traditional wedding vows then why not wow your guests with a vintage style wedding dress.

Short Wedding Dress Mikado Satin

Gorgeous Harriet by Brighton Belle is a calf length wedding dress. Revel in the romance of your traditional vows with this elegant tea length dress. With a boat neckline and full skirt and a decadent pearl beaded trim this will fit in perfectly.  This is a wonderful example of a romantic vintage style wedding dress.

“To have and to hold from this day forward”

Traditional Vows

Traditional vows come from medieval times and form part of a prayer that was recited. We now use them to declare intent to a partner in a marriage ceremony. Most people can recite at least part of these vows, regardless of whether they are married or not. Some couples don’t give them a second thought and just recite them, others change some of the vows to make them more personal.

“For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health”

These classic and religious wedding vows are a great starting point if you wanted to craft your own. There is lots of inspiration over on Cutting Edge Brides Pinterest boards for ways to personalise your wedding vows.

Personalised Vows

There are lots of ways that you can add your own interpretation on the vows. It’s a great way to make the promise seem more personal to you and your loved one.

If you are writing your own vows first read up on lots of other vows to see if there is any aspects you want to incorporate into yours. Decide between yourselves the tone and meaning behind what you intend to say.

Don’t make it too cliched though or too niche as you are reading them in front of your guests and officiants.

Write your vows down and keep them to a couple of minutes at most. Remember to practice them and take a copy of your vows with you.

“To love and to cherish”

coloured short wedding dress

If you are thinking of having personalised vows then why not have a real showstopping vintage style wedding dress. This colourful dress is Arizona by Rita Mae and it’s such a wonderfully unique and dramatic wedding dress. It has hints of traditional in the retro style but the bright polka dots set it apart and makes it a joy to wear.

Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

We have a large selection of vintage style wedding dresses for you to choose from. Why not book your consultation with us today? Every bride has an exclusive one to one appointment where the full selection of dresses are available. Why not come and find your perfect vintage style wedding dress today.

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