Are Vintage Style Wedding Dresses Appropriate?

Short Wedding Dresses Appropriate?

As a bride to be you are bombarded with images of brides in white and full length traditional wedding dresses. It can be difficult to know what style suits you at first but the good news is, that there is a vintage style wedding dress for any style or theme of wedding.

Traditionally wedding dresses were long in the middle ages as it was a way for the rich to show off their wealth. Using sumptuous fabrics and lots of material, it was a status symbol to wear exclusive fabrics such as silk and lace. As times changed, dresses became shorter in the 1920s as fashion moved forward. This led into the 1940s and 1950s were dresses became more fun with full skirts and bright colours again. With the advent of the 1960s, designs became more fun and flirty with an almost anything goes attitude. The 1970s saw dresses becoming longer again and flowing with more natural fibres but the tide is turning again. Short wedding dresses are a fantastic choice for the modern bride.

Knee Length Wedding Dress

The great thing about short wedding dresses are that they are so versatile. For a real fun approach you can go short and with a full skirt, layers of petticoats and bright colours.

Gia – Brighton Belle by True Bride: This short vintage style lace wedding dress is fabulous and flirty and makes a real statement on your wedding day.  It’s a stunning vintage replica 1950s/60s off the shoulder wedding dress. With a beautiful lace trimmed neckline it accentuates shoulders and is a real show stopper. The detail on this dress is classically stunning with a sparkly brooch detail on the satin sash and full tulle skirt. Perfect for dancing in.

Brighton Belle is True Brides collection of sassy short wedding dresses with a 1950s retro feel. Ideal for the bride who wants an elegant and fun knee length wedding dress with a real wow factor and sleeves.

vintage style wedding dress

Tea Length Wedding Dress

If you are more conservative but love the shape that a vintage style wedding dress gives you can go longer with a tea length wedding dress. This classic 1950s vintage inspired look is perfect for whatever style of wedding you are having. Winnie by Loulou Bridal is a 1950s inspired tea length vintage style wedding dress with a rounded Bateau Illusion neckline. It’s a stunning lace over tulle tea length wedding dress that oozes glamour and sophistication.

Loulou bridal create stunning vintage inspired bridal gowns and is a British award winning wedding dress label.

Winnie Tea length wedding dress at Cutting Edge Brides

Ankle Length Wedding Dress

For a real formal affair then you can have a ballerina length wedding dress . These gorgeous ankle length wedding dresses give you the best of both worlds. You get the style and shape of a 1950s short wedding dress but the length of a more traditional wedding dress. Anara by Timeless Chic is a beautiful calf length 1950s vintage inspired wedding dress in Tulle and Lace.

Timeless Chic is our very own collection of beautifully crafted wedding gowns at great prices. This range so versatile as it caters for women of any age shape and size.

vintage style wedding dress

Any Bride Can Wear a Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Short wedding dresses are appropriate for any type of bride and wedding venue. From a formal church wedding, a retro wedding or a destination wedding, there is a short wedding dress for you.

The other question many brides to be ask is whether a short wedding dress is suitable for them as a plus size, mature or destination bride to be. There is a style of vintage reproduction wedding dress for every woman out there. We feature lots of brides on our blog and these cover all of those concerns and show that whatever type of bride you are there is a dress for you.

We would love to welcome you to your one to one consultation to choose the perfect vintage style wedding dress for you. For more inspiration check out our Pinterest boards with different styles and ways of wearing your vintage style wedding dress.

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