Timeless Chic Short Wedding Dress

Shoes for a Short Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress

Shoes for a Short Wedding Dress

When a bride to be thinks about weddings, the dress is high on the list of things to get. But what do you do about wedding shoes? Buy them after you’ve got your dress or before? Well with a tea length wedding dress this isn’t a worry because it doesn’t affect the length of your dress. If you are a real shoe girl then wearing a short wedding dress is a time to really show what you are made of. We have a list of considerations when thinking shoes for a short wedding dress.

What Style Shoes for a Short Wedding Dress?

We see brides wearing all different styles of wedding shoes. All of our short wedding dresses are so versatile that almost everything goes with them. We are stockists for Rachael Simpson shoes who do amazing retro shoes that look amazing with the dresses in our wedding boutique.

Timeless Chic Short Wedding Dress

Timeless Chic – High Low Collection

What heel height should I go for?

This is entirely up to you and often the decision boils down to what height heel you feel comfortable in. If you always wear flats then going for shoes that are difficult to walk in won’t be the best idea. Shoes for a short wedding dress can be as high, or low, as you want. Comfort is an essential part of your day, you should wear shoes that look good and feel good. It’s no good looking pained in all your photos or video.

Can I wear bright and colourful shoes?

This is a big YES of course; lots of brides wear blue shoes as their something blue. A retro wedding dress is the perfect showcase for wonderful colourful shoes. Match them to your petticoats or sash for a real wow factor. White shoes or a hint of colour work just as well, it all depends on what you want.

You can really make a statement if you want because your feet will be on show all day long in a vintage inspired wedding gown. Shoes for a short wedding dress can be as fun or practical as you want them to be.

Should I wear them in beforehand?

If you choose shoes higher than you would normally wear then it’s a must to practice walking. Wearing them couple of times to make sure your shoes are comfortable is a good idea before the big day. Treat your feet kindly in preparation for your wedding day, get a pedicure and make sure someone has plasters on the day (just in case).

Style of Wedding

The style or theme of your day may dictate what type of shoe you wear. For an overseas wedding you may want flats or a garden party theme my not be the best with heels in grass. For a real retro wedding you may want vintage inspired shoes to finish off the look. The possibilities are endless. Shoes for a short wedding dress are a real personal choice so there is no wrong or right pair to wear.

Real Brides Inspiration

Visit our blog to see lots of our real brides and their choice of footwear. From high heels to flats and all the way to wellington boots, our brides have worn it all. If you’d like to try on a vintage inspired wedding dress then visit our boutique. You’ll have a one to one consultation where you can try all different styles of dress.

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