collecting your wedding dress

Wedding Dress Essentials – Collecting Your Wedding Dress

Collecting Your Wedding Dress

The real wedding excitement begins once you’ve tried your dress for the final time and all alterations have been made. This signifies that your wedding day is drawing closer and final arrangements are being finalised. We have some top tips on what to expect and collecting your wedding dress.

“As it was perfect and I had room to store it at home I took it home that day. Every now and then I would have to open the dress bag and look at it, I was now so excited for the wedding” Emma

When to Collect Your Wedding Dress

Most brides look to collect their dress a few weeks before their wedding and store it with a friend or relative. Others don’t worry about the superstition around the groom not seeing the bridal gown before the wedding. So once you’ve collected your dress, there are a few things you need to remember to keep your dress in pristine condition.

A retro wedding vibe - Emma and Stuart

Make sure you and your bridesmaids know how to do up the button detail or any extras such as belts or sashes are easy to attach. Some dresses have button backs like Florrie by Loulou Bridal that require a little concentration and time.

collecting your wedding dress

It’s always best to try your dress on one final time to make sure that you feel comfortable and you have the correct underwear etc. It’s a good idea to make sure the dress is still a good fit on you. Put on your shoes, accessories and veil (if wearing one) so you are sure you have everything you need.

How to Store Your Dress

Once your dress has been steamed it needs to be hung in a room with plenty of space. Let the full skirt breathe and hang. Different materials can be more prone to wrinkles than others.

Amalfi is a beautiful tea length short wedding gown by Rita Mae, has a full chiffon skirt. It can crease easier than some other stiffer materials.

collecting your wedding dress

If you are travelling abroad with your dress, it’s a good idea to purchase a dress box to preserve your dress. The wedding dress will be stored with tissue paper and carefully folded to minimise creasing. Ask the boutique how you should deal with any spills on the wedding day, different material reacts differently to stains.

Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

We recommend having the dress cleaned as soon as you can post wedding.  This gives you the chance to get rid of any stains before they become permanent. There are lots of great cleaning services available and storage solutions after the big day. If you would like some more tips on collecting your wedding dress we are happy to help.

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