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5 Top Tips for Wedding Guest Photography

Top Tips for Wedding Guest Photography

So you are getting married and you’ve found your wedding photographer and venue. Have you thought about your guests taking photos too. With phones and social media being at the touch of a button for most people, you could find yourself with 100’s of shots released without your consent. Did you know that a professional wedding photographers biggest angst is when guests think they are a pro too. They get in the way of great shots, at the drop of a hat the congregation whip out their smart phones. Some couples don’t mind this and others are against it. We’ve put together a few options out there for wedding guest photography.

Cutting Edge Brides - wedding guests photography

Wedding Guest Photography


Some brides and grooms choose to go unplugged by asking their wedding party not to release images before they get their official shots from the wedding photographer. A simple sign on arrival or even on the invitation will set out your intentions clearly. Most will feel relieved they get a break from the pressure of being online all day. Don’t feel guilty for selecting this type of day as wedding guest photography is totally in your hands.

Make a Game of it

With Instagram being one of the most loved social media platforms you may find your day on there. So why not take it into your own hands and ask your guests to post under a very specific hashtag. That way you can have all the images in one place, it creates a real community spirit amongst your guests and you’ll see the shots you want to keep easily.

Have a notice up at your wedding advising guests of your hashtag and ask them to use it for all images. You could even have a prize for the best photograph of the day.

Disposable Camera’s

These days disposable cameras are very retro and are great to use at your wedding. Have a basket full or Put one on each table and get your guests to photograph the finer points of the day. It makes for some great photographs and is fun to look back on when you have them processed. Just remember to ask someone to collect them all up for you and put somewhere safe until your wedding day is over.

Wedding Guest Photography


You may be an ‘anything goes’ couple and really don’t mind who takes what photographs of the day. One thing to remember though is that it can be intrusive sometimes. When your official photographer takes you off for your couple shots it’s also a time for you to relax a little and spend some time as a newly married couple. It’s often the first time you’ve been alone together during the day so you don’t need friends and family present to take your focus away from each other.

After Party

Talking to lots of brides for our real weddings, there is lots of excitement around receiving your photographs from your wedding photographer. So you could have a set date where you can meet up in groups and look at all your guests photographs of the day. It’s a lovely way to remember and relive your wonderful wedding day.

Remember whatever you decide, it’s your wedding and you can control how the images are disbursed and when they are seen. If you have some great shots of your wedding day wearing a Cutting Edge Brides short wedding dress, we’d love to share it on our blog. Contact with details.

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