when should I buy my wedding dress?

When Should I Buy My Wedding Dress

When Should I Buy My Wedding Dress

When you get married there are lots of things to think about from a venue to all the extras. One of the first things a bride to be thinks of is her dress but do you know when you should start looking? Knowing when to buy a short wedding dress so that it arrives in time is crucial.

It may seem a long way in advance but we recommend you start at least thinking about what type of dress you want as soon as you set a date. It’s a great idea to think about your dress budget too as it will help with your overall wedding budget.

when should I buy my wedding dress?

Buy A Short Wedding Dress

Starting to look around 6-8 months before the wedding is ideal. Remember you may not find your ideal dress straight away and will want to visit several boutiques.

At Cutting Edge Brides, we are more than happy to take pictures at your first appointment. This way you can go away and make sure you really love the dress, show people who couldn’t come along. It’s a big decision to make and one you won’t want to rush.

Standard delivery for most of our dresses are around 4 months from the date of your order. This sometimes varies due to the season you order and we also offer a rush service when necessary.

Don’t forget you may want to customize your dress which also takes some time to get it just right for you.

Your final fittings will be in the weeks leading up to your wedding day to make sure the fit is perfect.

Why not contact us today to arrange your appointment to buy a short wedding dress.

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