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Five Great Veils For Short Wedding Dresses

Veils for short Wedding dresses

Once you’ve chosen your short wedding dress to have a veil or not, is often the next decision to make. This is a very personal choice for every bride and dependent on what style of short dress you choose. Traditionally veils hid the brides face from her soon to be husband, more recently they took on a religious meaning. So it also depends whether your religion requires you to wear a veil or not. There are lots of options available for short wedding dresses and we’ve picked five great veils for short wedding dresses.

Five Great Veils for Short Wedding Dresses

Birdcage Veil

Birdcage veils are a popular look with tea length wedding dresses as they have an authentic 1950’s feel to them. A birdcage veil can fall over the eyes, nose or jaw and usually are net or lace. Our gorgeous bride above shows how it’s done to really compliment her short wedding dress.

Blusher Veil

A Blusher veil is a great one to go for if you want a veil but don’t want it to detract from your wedding dress. It normally falls over the face and is traditionally worn over the face and pulled back over the hair at the ceremony. It works because it compliments a vintage style wedding dress but doesn’t get in the way of the detail of the dress.

Shoulder Length Veil

Shoulder length veils are a traditional style that can still work with a short wedding dress. They skim the shoulders and can be worn instead of a jacket or bolero if the bride wants a little coverage without detracting from her dress.

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Elbow Length Veil

A Shoulder length veil gives a more traditional feel to a short wedding dress. It can be removed for photographs to give you more than one look during the wedding. The sheer lace can also accentuate the back detail of your dress by drawing your guests eyes to it.

Fascinator / Headpiece

Ok so this one isn’t technically a veil but it’s a great alternative to a veil if you decide you aren’t comfortable wearing one. There are so many options available and you can really have fun with this option from slides to feathers there really is no limit.

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Your Wedding Your Way

Don’t forget that whatever style you choose, it needs to not overshadow your amazing dress. If you don’t feel comfortable then a fabulous hairstyle can really show off your dress to perfection. Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable and at your very best on your wedding day. So choose the option that feels the best to you Veils for short Wedding dresses are a personal choice so choose what feels right for you.

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