Returns & Cancellation Policy

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE – Please read carefully 

BUYING A 'MADE TO ORDER' NEW WEDDING DRESS FROM OUR BOUTIQUE. Once you have visited our boutique and chosen your dream wedding dress, the sales consultant will take your measurements and order your new gown.  We will order your wedding dress at your largest measurement.  For example, if you are size 16 bust, and size 18 waist, we will order you a new size 18 wedding dress and our seamstress Krystyna, or your own chosen seamstress, will tailor your gown to your exact size when you have your alteration fittings.

DEPOSIT. On the day of purchase, we will request a 50% deposit.  Deposit is non-refundable

BALANCE. The outstanding balance on your wedding gown is due when Cutting Edge Brides receives delivery of your wedding dress. The balance must be paid in full,  before your alteration fitting appointment with a seamstress.

DELIVERY.  A new made to order wedding dress can take anywhere between 3 and 5 months for delivery (some suppliers may quote longer).  If we feel we are working to tight delivery times, we will inform our supplier of the date of your wedding to confirm that your order is OK to place.  Our suppliers will only take orders they can fulfil.  You may be asked to opt for a 'rush-cut' to ensure that delivery is on time.  In this instance, you will need to pay for this express service.  A rush-cut fee is between £50 - £150.  Please note that delivery date is estimated and from time to time there may short delays so please be very flexible with your alteration fitting dates.

CANCELLATION. If you change your mind about your wedding dress or in the unfortunate circumstance you cancel your wedding, you must still pay for your wedding dress in full and collect from our boutique.  We will offer advice on how to re-sell your gown to recuperate some of the cost.

FAULTY GOWNS.  If your wedding dress should arrive with any fault will return immediately to our supplier and ask them to rectify any problem, and send back to us at their cost.

OFF THE PEG SALES. If you buy an 'off the peg' wedding gown or a sample sale wedding gown, we request payment in full.  This type of wedding dress sale is 'non-refundable'.

MADE TO MEASURE / BESPOKE GOWNS. Made to measure wedding gowns will have additional fees.  You may still need alterations due to a change in body shape over the length of time it takes for your new wedding dress to arrive. Please bear this in mind when placing your order and choosing between made to measure, or a standard size.

ALTERATIONS. Alteration fees are not included in the price of your wedding dress.  Alteration fees are a separate agreement between yourself, and your chosen seamstress.  If you wish to use our seamstress Krystyna, these fees must be paid directly to her.  Krystyna will ask for a 50% deposit before work begins on your wedding dress.

Majority of wedding dresses will need alteration. In cases where you live far away, you may want to use a reputable seamstress close to home to make travelling easier. 

Your first alteration appointment can be booked with Krystyna on a Thursday or Friday

Your second alteration appointment can be booked with Krystyna on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

Alteration fittings are for one hour.  Please do not be late for your alterations appointment as we have days when brides are booked one after the other for the entire day.

Your contract with Cutting Edge Brides ends BEFORE you begin alterations with your chosen seamstress.  An alteration agreement is a separate contract with your chosen seamstress.  Cutting Edge Brides will not be held responsible for alteration problems should they arise.  Please note we will only recommend our seamstress Krystyna as we are familiar with her exceptional skills and years of experience working on our dresses. 

The outstanding balance for your wedding dress must be paid in full when it arrives at our store and BEFORE alterations take place.   Guide prices for alterations will be provided to you when you have purchased your gown.  We can also send prior to this, by request.

BUYING A 'MADE TO ORDER' NEW WEDDING DRESS FROM OVERSEAS.  We are happy to receive orders from customers who are overseas if measurements are provided to us.  Please note, made to order wedding gowns shipped overseas are non-refundable.  Shipping fees will be added to your invoice once quote is confirmed by courier company.