Choosing Wedding Jewellery

What to Think about When Choosing Wedding Jewellery

So you’ve started planning for your wedding day and everything seems to sparkle. From your engagement ring which everyone asks to see all the way to the extras you can add to your day. So when you decide to choose your wedding jewellery make sure you keep these simple steps in mind.

Your Short Wedding Dress

I know this seems a simple one but think about your wedding dress. If you’ve chosen a tea length wedding dress, have you had any bespoke changes made? What is the neckline like and are you wearing your hair up or down? All these things will influence what type of jewellery you choose on your wedding day.

Your Personality

Some brides make the mistake of buying costume jewellery because they think they should. Or because it gives out lots more sparkle. It helps to look at things you like first and see if they fit with your short wedding dress. It’s not about detracting from your dress but enhancing it so anything too bling might not work.
We always advise you pick a wedding dress that really accentuates your personality and style. So finding jewellery should follow the same principles, go for something that makes you feel amazing.
Katie by Timeless chic is a calf length wedding dress with lots of style and elegance. This stunning wedding dress makes a statement on it’s own so your jewellery may need to be kept to a minimum.

Does it Need to Be Versatile

Do you want jewellery that you can wear again after the wedding? This will influence your decision on what to wear. If you aren’t comfortable wearing it after your wedding day then it won’t be a good investment piece. So always go for something that is your style too and you can think of at least two outfits you could wear it with.

What About Theme?

If you have a theme to your day and you are wearing your hair a certain way this needs to be considered. For instance, lots of our brides embrace a real retro theme with their vintage style wedding dress and they get jewellery to match. Make sure your jewellery doesn’t detract from the theme you’ve chosen. If in doubt go for classic looks or minimal jewellery as you can always add more if it’s too subtle for you.
This gorgeous vintage reproduction wedding dress is Marcy by House of Mooshki. The wonderful sweetheart neckline is great for delicate jewellery and to compliment the full 1950s style skirt. Or you could add a statement necklace with the strapless bodice. It’s such a versatile short wedding dress that you can add as much or as little jewellery as you want.

Cutting Edge Brides

In our Bexley boutique we have a wide selection of designer tea length wedding dresses. Our consultants can help advise you on what would look amazing with your chosen wedding gown and how to style the whole look. If you are yet to find your perfect short wedding dress then please do visit us. Book your one to one appointment today for a relaxed consultation.

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