Classic short wedding dresses at cutting edge brides

Ways to Beat Wedding Overwhelm

Getting married is a whirlwind of planning and excitement that can take over if you let it. With some much to think about it is easy to forget why you are doing it. So when things start to get on top of you, there are lots of ways to beat wedding overwhelm.

Beat Wedding Overwhelm


Making sure you have the the big things in place and organised so that you stay relaxed. With your dress all sorted, the venue and guests invited the rest can be done in smaller steps.
Trying on your tea length wedding dress and making sure you feel comfortable helps. All our short wedding dresses are made to measure so that it fits you perfectly.
Classic short wedding dresses at cutting edge brides
Daisy Rae by Loulou Bridal is a stunning Lace over Tulle 1950s Inspired Tea Length Short Wedding Dress With Rounded Bateau Neckline. Knowing you’ll be wearing it on your wedding day will be a great way to beat wedding overwhelm.

Sleep Better

When you are on a deadline and need to get things done it is easy to forget yourself. So make time to listen to your body and look after yourself. Have early nights in the lead up to your wedding day. Get some rest in the lead up to your big day will help you.

Treat Yourself

Doing something nice for yourself can help give you some time to relax and think. Go out as a couple and have some fun together. Relaxing will help you remember why you are spending time planning.


One of the easiest ways to make yourself calm and relaxed is to just breathe. There are lots of different breathing exercises you can do that will help on your wedding morning too. Visualising what you want in the lead up to your wedding helps too. That way it all feels more exciting and familiar when the day comes.

Take a break

Put the budgets away, take a break from planning and do something fun. Even something as simple as taking a walk or getting outside can help you relax more. You don’t have to be working on your wedding all the time, taking a break will help you get back to it with fresh eyes.

Share the load

If you are feeling overwhelmed then share it with those close to you, they can help. Giving people certain tasks that can help you out will not only lighten your load but

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If you are yet to find your perfect tea length wedding dress, visit us. We would love to meet you. With over 150 British designer wedding dresses you are sure to find the right one. Book your one to one appointment today.

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