RITA by Loulou Bridal - A stunning Lace and Tulle Ivory & Gold 1950s 60s Inspired Tea Length Short Wedding Dress with Full Sleeves

Choosing Your Wedding Colours

After finalising your wedding date and venue, choosing your wedding dress your attention turns to colours. Choosing your wedding colours isn’t always an easy task so we’ve put together some things to think about.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Think About Your Style

Do you like a more traditional wedding or a more simplistic style? These choices will influence your colour choices.  Also are you thinking of going for a particular theme because this will also tie in with your wedding colours too.  We have lots of real bride inspiration of themed wedding days over on the blog. Or visit our Pinterest boards for more wedding inspiration.
Your venue may also have a certain colour theme that you need to take into consideration. If the chairs are a certain colour you may want to add chair covers in your chosen palette.  So keep this in mind when you are thinking about it.

Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress will influence what your colours might be in your wedding palette. A vintage style wedding dress is a great place to start. If you chose a coloured short wedding dress then you may want to compliment these colours or use them in other areas of your wedding.  We have wedding dresses that range from pale pink to gold and all the colours in between.
RITA by Loulou Bridal - A stunning Lace and Tulle Ivory & Gold 1950s 60s Inspired Tea Length Short Wedding Dress with Full Sleeves
Rita by LouLou is a gorgeous gold wedding dress in lace and tulle. The full sleeves are also finished in gold and this tea length wedding dress would be perfect to compliment your accent colour scheme. The hint of colour is enough to pick up on in other areas of your decor too. You can incorporate your colours into your chosen dress in the petticoats or sash colours as well.
Fantastic short wedding dress, Elizabeth. When choosing wedding colours this is great to accent the colours in the sash and petticoats
This is Elizabeth by Timeless Chic and it’s a fantastic tea length wedding dress. The beautiful satin cross over strapless bodice compliments the full 1950s skirt. Petticoat and sash colour can be the same as your colours or something to compliment them. That’s the beauty of a vintage style short wedding dress, they are so versatile.


If you have a favourite flower that you want to incorporate into your bouquet this may influence the colours you choose. Or you could have colours that compliment your theme. Or if your flowers are more neutral colours you can really ramp up the colours in your venue.


There are lots of colours that compliment different seasons. For winter months the textures and colours are very rich and earthy. Lots of golds and silvers are seen at this time. Whereas Spring and Summer give way to more pale tones. So think about which are predominant in your season and work with those.

Keeping it Simple

If you are struggling then choose two main colours that you work everything else around. Or if you really can’t decide then have a riot of colours or a really simple theme. Whatever you choose remember it’s your day and will be special whether you have the right colour scheme or not

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