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Things to Think About at Wedding Dress Fitting

Finding the perfect short wedding dress is one of the highlights of planning your big day. We’ve written about attending your dress fitting and what to bring with you. There are other things to think about at the wedding dress fitting stage too.


The great thing about short wedding dresses is that they are so comfortable and you can move easily. There is no train to fall over or getting your shoes caught in the hemline. With our calf length dresses you will be a little more careful but even these will skim the floor at the very least.
One thing you need to perfect is your spin, go on give it a go. With a tea length wedding dress the urge to have a little spin is sometimes overwhelming. We love to see the real brides featured on our blog dancing and having fun on their wedding day.
A tea length wedding dress to dance in by cutting edge brides
Maddy chose Nellie by LouLou which is a stunning Polka Dot Vintage 1950s Inspired Tea Length Short Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves. She had it customised to a include full back polka dots and button detail finished with a satin bow. She opted for half sleeves full of polka dots too which gives it an amazing retro style.


When you have your dress it’s a good idea to try it on and make sure you feel comfortable sitting in it. If the bodice is too restrictive then you aren’t going to get the most out of your day. Obviously a bodice is meant to be structured and will feel different than a normal top. But if when you sit down you can’t breathe then it isn’t so good as you’ll be sitting for a fair chunk of the day.
So have a quick sit down at your wedding dress fitting appointment to make sure you can still breathe properly in your dress.
House of Mooshki
Poppy by House of Mooshki has a beautiful lace bodice. This tea length wedding dress has an illusion neckline and button back.


Have a little walk around and just check that you feel comfortable, it won’t be the same as normal anyway. Making sure that nothing is pinching or too tight is helpful as well as any lace rubbing or tulle getting caught. If you find there is a little bit of movement then it’s less likely to cause any friction and you should be comfortable all day.
Your heel height will determine how you walk in your dress so trying both together will help. Or even if you are planning on changing throughout the day – make sure both sets of shoes fit well and allow you to walk normally.
Amelie by Lou Lou Bridal at Cutting Edge Brides. Shoes for a short wedding dress
Amelie by Loulou bridal gives you lots of lovely movement with a soft silk organza dress with pleated bodice and full circle skirt.

The Overall Fit

Any vintage style short wedding dress is fitted to your body. Our amazing seamstress is great at making sure the fit is perfect for you. Making sure you are comfortable with sleeves and the bodice fit will help you feel more relaxed and happy on the day. But don’t opt for going too tight with the idea that you’ll slim to get into your short wedding dress. This may be something you do or you may not find its a priority in the lead up to your wedding day. Either way, you need to feel like your most confident self and not be tugging at bits of your dress that are snug on the day.
GEORGIA ,Tea Length Embellished Lace Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress Wedding Dress with sleeves, by Timeless Chic
Georgia by Timeless Chic is a pretty lace short wedding dress with lace sleeves.

Cutting Edge Brides

Which ever gorgeous short wedding dress you opt for our professional seamstress will work her magic at your wedding dress fitting. We have so many styles of vintage inspired short wedding dresses that if you haven’t already chosen yours we’d love to meet you.
Book your one to one consultation today and we will make sure we find the perfect short wedding dress for your big day.

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