Six Reasons To Celebrate Marriage (& wear a retro wedding dress)

Celebrating Marriage

Getting married is a big step in a couple’s journey. They may have lived together for a long time or met recently. Whatever the circumstances marriage is not only an official joint agreement in the eyes of the law. It’s a time to celebrate for other reasons too. We think wearing a retro wedding dress is a great way to celebrate your marriage. We’ve put together some more reasons why celebrating marriage is important; both on the day and afterwards.

For Love

Knowing you want to share your life with someone else is a wonderful feeling. It should be celebrated and announced and what better way than to get married. Getting together those you love to declare how you will share each other’s lives from this day on is wonderful.

You Live Longer

It’s a fact that happiness is one of the factors of a longer life. So if you are in love and happy then getting married solidifies this. Married people tend to live longer than singletons. Looking after each other is part of marriage.

Sharing with your Family

Marriage is not only important to you as a couple but those around you. Your family and friends want to help you celebrate your love. A wedding brings people together and provides happy memories for all involved.

A Great Party

Most weddings end up with a party of some sort, a chance for every one to come together and raise a glass to the newlyweds. The couple gets to speak to people that time and distance may not allow more regularly. It’s a time to celebrate love as a collective.

You Get to Celebrate Every Year

It’s important to acknowledge your wedding anniversary every year. They remind people of what is important and the bond that was made. You can celebrate how far you’ve come as a couple and to be grateful for what you have. Look back at photographs from the day and reminisce on what a great time was had by all.

Retro Wedding Dress

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