Honeymoon ideas from Cutting Edge Brides

Tips on Planning a Honeymoon of a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime Honeymoon

Planning a wedding it often easy to overlook the once in a lifetime Honeymoon afterwards. Couples plan out every aspect of their day from the short wedding dress, venue and which guests to invite. They then stumble over where they can go on their honeymoon, especially when its billed as the ultimate holiday. It can be a stressful addition to an already packed ‘to-do’ list which sometimes gets left to the last minute. It might also prompt you to swap your plans and have a destination wedding instead.

So follow our pointers if you want to make your honeymoon relaxing and memorable for all the right reasons.

Honeymoon Ideas from Cutting Edge Brides

Don’t Leave It Too Late

When you start planning the wedding day, also think about your honeymoon. Talk to each other about where you’d like to go and what type of holiday you want. Remember the build up to a wedding will keep you busy and it may be a stressful time. Your honeymoon is a time to celebrate and relax as a couple, so start the planning as soon as you can.

Plan It Out

From the destination to how you’ll travel, plan it out as you are your wedding day. Break things down and ask yourselves what sort of activities do you want to do, what would you like to see? Think about the little extras you can incorporate into the honeymoon, from upgrades to fancy transport.

Set A Budget

Just like you did for the big day, set a budget for your honeymoon. This will help you narrow down on where you go and what you do and with allow you to know that you aren’t suddenly going to splurge on unnecessary things. It also lets you relax and enjoy the bits you want to enjoy.

Honeymoon ideas from Cutting Edge Brides

Shop Around For The Best Deals

These days it’s sometimes better to shop around and book your flights and accommodation separately. There are lots of great deals if you take your time and look at all your options. It’s also the time to think about whether you want to go all inclusive which adds a bit more luxury to your honeymoon.

Check The Weather

Before you book the amazing holiday of a lifetime, check what the weather will be like when you’ll be going. Some far flung islands may be having their monsoon season when you are looking to go or it may be extremely hot that even the locals abandon the area. So always check before you book so minimise the reasons your honeymoon could get postponed.

Check The Paperwork

Make sure your passports will be in date and that you have enough time left on them. Some countries require at least six months left on your passport or they refuse you entry. This is important to do early in your wedding planning because you don’t want to be sat in a passport office as your wedding day draws closer. Also make sure that any immunisations you need are up to date and any extras you need are available before you go. Your travel agent will be able to advise or there is lots of information online (& at your doctors).

Pack in Advance

Now this is important as there will be nothing worse than scrambling around to pack when you are still sorting the final wedding details out. Most couples go a few days after their wedding but if you pack in advance it’s one less thing to worry about. It also means you know you’ve got everything you need to have the once in a lifetime Honeymoon you deserve.


We have lots of honeymoon ideas over on our Pinterest boards, we also feature the best short wedding dresses to wear for a destination wedding on our website. We’d also love to hear of your honeymoon tips and where you want to go for your once in a lifetime honeymoon.

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